Baja Sardinia: a charming place in Sardinia

Baja Sardinia: a charming place in Sardinia

A place where you absolutely have to go to is the Baja Sardinia, which is located, as its own name suggests, in a large bay where you can find a crystal clear sea.

The perfect place for scuba diving and windsurfing. Sandy beaches, nice restaurants and bars: that’s the kind of places over there. For this reason, the coast looks like an aquatic park. And of course you can sail too, trying to conquer your dinner.

During the day, after sunbathing, you can shop in the centre while enjoying the performances of street artists, especially dancers and musicians. They sing traditional songs, and dance the typical Sardinian balls. Isn’t it nice to discover the culture of a place simply by walking around?

Having fun at night is possible by choosing the right place for you: discos, pubs, evening markets. You can decide  how to spend your time after the sunset.

If you like the wild life and walking a lot, then visit the peninsula of Capo Ferro: even if you have to walk for a lot, you won’t regret it, since you will reach an mazing lighthouse.

Or, if you prefer, you can go to the Bisce island, which is part of the National Reserve of the Archipelago of the Maddalena. Over there you will be able to make a trip tp the Colle Battistone, in order to admire the numerous sculptures made by granite.

Only once you get to the end of the Baja Sardinia, you will find the treasure: the amazing sandy shore of Colle Battistone. This place is like Heaven for a lot of tourists who come to Sardinia for one reason, which is obviously not visiting the big cities. They prefer some different spots, where they can relax and see something different than just a crowdy city full of traffic and noise.