Events in Santa Teresa Gallura

Events in Santa Teresa Gallura

On June 6, in the tourist port of Santa Teresa Gallura there is the traditional “Festival of La Marina.

Stalls with crafts and the chance to taste wine and food products are among the reasons for the success of this event. The broiled fish was the spearhead of the evening.

The musical entertainment and cheerful folk round off the festival that every year it becomes increasingly important. Opportunity not to be missed for the lucky ones who are in the area during this period.

In the first weekend of August, in Porto Pozzo held celebrations for St. Thomas, in the church of the same name. On August 12 in Santa Teresa we celebrate the Feast of the Foundation, with which every year is similar to the birth of the country.

In mid-October there is the patronal feast, solemnity very much enjoyed by the inhabitants. Interesting carnival during which offered a phenomenal Favata. Music on the mouth and a jazz festival, but not only.

Born in 2001 the idea of Enzo Favata is held annually in August in the small town of  Santa Teresa Gallura, on the Strait of Bonifacio, a few miles from the stacks of the nearby Corsica.

This festival is a five days in which the music, which makes the master, leave space to art, photography, dance, literature. We start with the opening concert on the ferry that connects the two sister islands of the Mediterranean and then continues with the various concerts during the day.

The squares and alleys of this small town still flooded with tourists, but also the marina, beach and the lighthouse becomes a stage for performances by international artists of jazz.

Music over the Straits each year chooses a theme on which the music even more than the readings before each evening concert: “The stories over the Straits”, little stories that come alive in the days of the festival. Space for photography, great art can be seen projected on the church and on the walls of houses in the Old Town.

Do not miss the final concert at dawn on the beach of Rena Bianca, where a little shivering expects the sunrise, accompanied by hints of jazz, in an almost surreal atmosphere.