Visit Sa’ Coveccada primitive dolmen

Visit Sa' Coveccada primitive dolmen

If you want to experience a different trip to Sardinia, you can follow the path of the ancient inhabitants of the island.

Thousands of years befor Roman Empire and christians, Sardinia was already a place full of life and primitive culture.

Togeter with Calabria, Sardinia was the first place where the modern humans appeared in Italy. From that time, many things have changed. But a trace of what happened before, still remains. And you can find it. First of all, you’ll need a car, a map and a lot of patience.

Start your trip from Olbia or Cagliari and head forward Ozieri, a small town in the middle of Sardinia. The more you get into the interland, the more you see tourism disappearing from the cities you find on your way. Nevermind, keep going.

Admire the beautiful stones of Sardinia, the incredible trees and the entire vegetation, it is something really unique. In this area were found, into old caves, graffiti from more than one hundred thousand years ago. Unfortunately they cannot be visited for security reasons. When you reach Ozieri, look for the signs for Sa Coveccada.

This old area has no cities or towns, just woods and a dusty road. On the road , you can easily find lambs, wild boars, cows and bulls. Pay attention when driving. Soon the road will end with a gate. this is the entrance to Sa Coveccada, probably you’ll have to open the gate by yourself (it is not locked).

Now you are arrived to the old dolmen of Sa Coveccada. This old human building is still a mistery for te science. Was it a shrine? Or just a kind of house? The question is still unanswered.

The dolmen is small sized and not very impressive. But , when you look at it, keep in mind : that stuff has been there for more than thirthy thousand years. Image Flickr Creative Commons license by: zagordemores

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