Autumn in Barbagia: special Ovodda Festival 13-15th November

Autumn in Barbagia: special Ovodda Festival 13-15th November

Autumn in Barbagia is in the midst of its work and until December, a different town each week will animate the life of their area. Sardinia is rich in culinary old traditions, related to sheep farming and the countryside.

Succeeds well in bringing together the two worlds, modern and ancient. Even in a world where everything is technology, it manages to introduce people to nature.

The town of Ovodda is in Barbagia of Ollolai, nestled in the midst of lush green forests. Near Ovodda, flows the Taloro and its valley is closed off to create the reservoir of Cucchinadorza.

Ovodda is famous for its granite quarries. The town streets are small and close completely paved in stone. For this occasion we will show Ungrones, hence the name of the party “Ungrones de Bidda”, the hidden corners of the country. In days 13-14-15th of November in the town of Ovodda there will be the festival.

On Saturday 14th November it will play the exhibition of old professions where they show the typical products of ancient tradition, such as Fiore Sardo, the cork industry, the history of the granite.

Very interesting on Sunday 15th will be the Chorus Bell Concert and in the afternoon a moment from 4.30 pm of Traditional Sardinian music and dances.

Then there will be popular dances and songs in the homes of the center all day. On Sunday you will see perform the ancient crafts.

Many information could you find at the link where the cultural site of Commerce Room of Nuoro has created all new events in the province.