June Electronic Dance Holiday 2012

The June Electronic Dance Holiday is the most incredible electronic festival held in San Teodoro, Sardinia. This year it will take place from Wednesday 27 to Saturday 30 June, having some of the best DJ’s in the world who will perform.
The good thing is that the event is free, so tourists, guests and local inhabitants will have a full weekend with music, fun and dance.

The idea for this project comes from a group of friends who were, of course, fans of electronic music. Electronic music, in fact, can be seen as a new type of sound which can be seen as fun, sometimes. Especialy if you put together the best DJ’s to organize a live show that will go on and on all night long. It will be alternated with house, techno and vintage music, in order to have fun until dawn. Artists from all over the world will have a personal space in which they can show their abilities as DJ’s.
Each year the festival has a specific theme. The 2012 one is going to be honesty, and it will be very very interesting, for sure.
Keep in mind that this is the only big electronic music festival we have in Italy, the only one that can combine entertainment and different music tastes together.
In order to have more details, and to have information about the tickets, visit the following website: www.thejune.net
Of course you have to plan your staying in San Teodoro during the Festival. There are several  hotels, B&B, Residential Hotels and Holiday Houses where you can rest between the dances. Since the prices are not that cheap, we recommend you to book a room in advance, in order to find some cheap deal. In fact, you could be very lucky and find a hotel where you can stay for 5 nights for only 400 euros.

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