True or false about Italy- part 2

True or false about Italy- part 2

As we read in the previous article, there are so many wrong ideas about Italian people, due to the fact that mass media and magazines keep saying wrong information about this country, especially about Italians’ lifestyle.

In particular there are 3 specific topic, which are the following:

Italian men are “mammoni”
False. “Mammoni” means “mama boys”, and it’s a term related to the fact that boys still live with their parents while they are 30. Not only boys do it, but girls too, and it’s not because they are that close to their family. The reason is really simple and its connected to the economic situation the people are living.

They can’t find a job, it’s a very delicate moment and the crisis is not easy to handle. Most of the young people can’t afford an apartment or even a studio because they don’t have a work, not even a part-time one. So, it can be very rude saying “mammone” to an Italian.

Italians live reflecting the “dolce vita” style philosophy
False. They have a very positive attitude, and take life that easy, but it doesn’t mean they are lazy or they waste their time doing frivolous things. The “dolce vita” lifestyle exists only in movies, come on: eating and relaxing is something everyone in the world like to do!

Italians are always late
True and false. It depends on the occasion. In Italy, if a meeting is at 8 am, everyone arrives at 8.30. It’s something ordinary for them, so you can’t say they are in late, because, according to this idea, they are not.

Unfortunately foreigners don’t understand this habit and consider it very rude! In addition to this, foreigners always arrive before the actual hour of the meeting!