Girotonno 2012

Girotonno 2012

From 31st May to 3rd June, the city of Carloforte, in Sardinia, will host the 2012 edition of the Girontonno, the international food and wine festival on tuna fish, also known as red tuna or Bluefin.

It is an annual tribute to the tuna fishing tradition, where food and wine competitions will be one of the attraction, along with music and the discovering of the culture.

There is going to be an international food competition, in which chefs from all over the world will compete in the preparation of a dish made ??with the finest tuna meats.

They set up this event between May and June because during these months the Sulcis Iglesiente, one of the most old tuna boats that works in the Mediterranean Sea, is still operating. It’s the only fixed tuna seiner in the Mediterranean that does not use the traditional surrounding nets for fishing.

The event includes performances every night, such as the show Senza denti by the Teatro della Caduta of Turin, where two strollers around the crowd to entertain tourists.

The Girotonno also offers a very good chance to discover Carloforte, the island, the beautiful beaches where you can take some walks, and the restaurants.

Tourists and visitors will have the chance to see the Battiglieri promenade, where they can go for a walk between some small buildings dated  eighteen and nineteen century, or discover the old town, surrounded by the the ruins of the wall which was built in order to defend Carloforte from the barbarian invasions.

For those who love the Gothic architecture, the Parrocchiale di San Carlo (in English St. Charles Parish church)  is a must see place.

In order to reach Carloforte and attend the festival, tourists should book the ferry in advance on the Saremar website, which sometimes offers some great discounts.