The Cavalcata Sarda

The Cavalcata Sarda

The Cavalcata Sarda (literally Sardinia Horse-ride) is a hundred-year-old celebration that every year attracts so tourists in Sassari.

It has a very long tradition that dates back to 1899, when the King Umberto I and his Queen, Margherita of Savoy went to Sardinia.

Local people wanted to organise something to honor the Majesties and created this parade, in order to show the power, the strenght and the richness of the land, which was, at that time, an ex-colony of the Sardo-Piedmont Kingdom.

In just one day more than 70 town from all the Sardinian provinces meet in Sassari to celebrate their common origins as well as the differences between them.

Nowadays the parade is shown on the third Sunday of May, of course in Sassari, but the formula is a bit different, and new elements have been added to this event, probably in order to attract more tourists and do something unusual, since it has been the same show for so many years.

It has been coupled with a very interesting horse riding show held in the local hippodrome after the parade. During this show horsemen demonstrate not only their courage but also their fame in performing some very difficult stunts.

After this appointment, in the evening people meet in Piazza Italia, where folk groups sing and perform their traditional dances. It is a very special moment, since it really helps to understand the unity of the Sardinian people.

Old costumes and homemade dresses and jewels can be admired during the parade and it something tourists should do, since the costumes are identified as the most beautiful ones in Italy.

Visitors can also take as many pictures as they want and buy some typical objects, food and wine, in order to bring at home a piece of the land, which turns out to be one of the most wonderful ones in the country.