Nostra Signora del Rimedio’s celebration

Nostra Signora del Rimedio's celebration

September has just began and starting on the 6th, there is a very big and important celebration held in Sardinia.

The place where there will be the festival is Oristano, where citizens will celebrate Nostra Signora del Rimedio, referring to Our Lady of Remedy, which has thousands of pilgrims devoted.

Starting from the end of August, around the 30th, these people start to go to visit the sanctuary located 2 km from Oristano, in a village having the same name.

Until September 9th, you will be able to see a huge crowd who goes there just to bless the Holy Mary, asking for a grace.

During this occasion the city of Oristano is at the center of the attention and citizens are able to show to the people who arrive there from all over Italy their typical products, related to both tradition and local food.

You will be able to find the so-called “mostaccioli”, the typical sweets Oristano is well known for, as well as the Vernaccia, the tasty wine which is very valued in he town. You definitely have to have a sip.

Of course there are several religious rites, and the mass is celebrated more than once per day, in order to let all the pilgrims attend the one they can.

On September 7, in the afternoon, you can attend the very famous and must-see equestrian event called “Sa Cursa de is tres Pandelas”, which means “the three flags run” in their dialect.

It is an interesting show, so if you can, try not to miss it, since it wpuld be a pity.

In the following days the statue of the Madonna del Rimedio is carried in procession around the village before being taken back to the sanctuary where it will stay until the next celebration next year.