The fascinating architecture of Iglesias

The fascinating architecture of Iglesias

Once of the best places in Sardinia is Iglesias, a town located in the Carbonia-Iglesias province, in the S-W of the region.

It has a very long history, if considering the fact it has been inhabited since the Nuraghic age. Its most important episodes are related to the Middle Ages and the Roman Empire, in which the place started to grow and grow, becoming more powerful and interesting to the eyes of people.

In fact they could easily see the remains of the ancient Nuraghic age through the several places such as the so-called domus de janas of Saint Benedict, the temple in Serra Abis and the old tombs of Genna Solu and Martiadas, two important local figures.

Nowadays you can still see some of the old mines for which the place is known about. Part of them has been considered a world-level mining heritage and became UNESCO patrimony.

One more reasons to visit this place is that has several fascinating churches which have to been, since they were built in different centuries, and you can easily see how architecture changed according to the time.

For example, the Cattedrale di Santa Chiara (the Cathedral of Saint Claire in English) is from the 13th century, and the Chiesa di San Francesco (the Church of Saint Francis) are not the same, also due to the fact that the latter has a 16th century monastery attached to it.

You will like these sights, even if you are not a believer: as we all know, in fact, Italy is famous all over the world for its art, which can be seen in churches, houses and monuments. Plus it is also very curious not only to see the architecture of the big cities such as Florence or Rome, but also the typical one used in small town such as Iglesias.