Sport Trail event in Sardinia: save the date for May!

Sport Trail event in Sardinia: save the date for May!

If you are in Sardinia at the beginning of May, do not miss the chance to see or attend the “Sport Trail” event.

It will take place from May 10th to May 12th, having the main spot in the town of Fonni, which is located in the most high point of the region.

The event consists in a marathon across nature, exploring the most beautiful places of Sardinia, while doing some sports which are good for everybody’s health.

If you are sport addicted, this is the competition you need: 3 days spent between running, tasting the local specialties, and visiting the beauties the place can offer.

This is only the second edition of the marathon, who organized it expects the same amount of people of last year, but rumors say there will be definitely more, since it is a unique chance to experiment and live a new place full of traditions and culture.

That is also why the event is called “a run in the heaven”, since you will be able to explore the Gennargentu and the so-called “calette di Cala Gonone”, naming just two of the most important spots.

Guest star will be the international trail champion Marco Olmo, who won the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail.

So, are you ready to run for 400 km, starting on Friday and finishing on Sunday? Of course you will have some breaks during which you have free time: it means that, for example, you can easily relax on the beach sunbathing, or eating some local cheese.

The winners will be acclaimed in Fonni, and there will be a pasta party in order to finish the event. What a great way to celebrate the end of a marathon, eating and drinking all together, having fun!