True of false about Italy- part 1

rue of false about Italy- part 1

Some Italian stereotypes sometimes are parodying exaggerations and Italy is described as something it is not actually.

So you should be better know the truth before going there for a vacation, hoping your ideas and images about the country are totally right.

The media, in fact, uses these stereotypes in advertising and movies, so it is no difficult to see certain characteristics as typical of some nations.

Since stereotypes sometimes are problematic, here there is a small list of the most common ideas people from other contries think about Italy. Let’s analyze them together.

Italians cannot live without pasta
True. Italians eat pasta almost every day, and even diet doctors suggest you to eat it at least 5 days a week, only for lunch. Having pasta for dinner is a really bad habbit and not healthy at all.

Italians talk a lot, and while doing it, they always gesture
True. Gestures empathises the meaning of anything Italians say, expressing what language cannot make people understand.

Italians are tanned all year round
False. Tanning is something Italians do during summer, before going on vacation or as soon as it is over. Surely someone overdoes it with the sunlamps, but it’s not typical Italian only, come on. Everybody lives in the way he or she wants.

There are 3 types of Italian guys: romantic, Casanovas and soccer players.

False. Definitely! Italian guys are romantic? Hell no, not at all! Iunfortuntaly Italians are not the most romantic men on the earth, but there are some who are so cute and gentlemen. Italians love soccer, but not all of them play it. Most of them prefer watching it instead of playing it, and they can get really crazy when their favorite team doesn’t win the match. Casanova? Yes, all Italian men have this kind of pathological narcissism which looks like incurable.