Cagliari 26th – 30th November 2nd edition of NUES, festival of comics and cartoons

2nd edition of NUES, festival of comics and cartoons

Cagliari hosts the second edition of “Nues“, the festival devoted to comics and cartoons of the Mediterranean, from Thursday 26 to Monday, November 30.

Forthcoming exhibitions, conferences, screenings and seminars that will house two different areas of the Marina district in the heart of Old Town, the former Art School and Hostel Marina, with “incursions” including the Cafe Savoy.

Designed by Bepi Vigna, one of the “dad” Nathan Never (the lucky hero of the publishing house Bonelli), the festival puts into play an ambitious proposal: to rely on strips and cartoons to learn about other cultures. “Nues” this time goes back to the Adriatic and looks lively panorama of the former Yugoslavia.

Ambassador of this exchange will be the Serbian Aleksandar Zograf and drawings related to accounts published in Europe and the United States, and appreciated here in Italy for his “Letters from Serbia”, stories by images of the 1999 NATO bombing of his country. A “Nues” presents “Notes” (Saturday 28 at 18.30 at CafĂ© Savoy), her stories translated into Italian and published by Black Velvet.

Some Zograf original panels will be exhibited in “Clouds Balkans,” the exhibition at the hostel Marina which also offers those of the authors of Stripburger, the important Slovenian journal of comics, another qualified presence at the festival.

Aleksandar Zograf, along with Serbian author Gordana Basta and director of Stripburger Katerina Mirovich, will be among the leaders of the three in-depth comic strip Slavic and European.

The first, Saturday 28 (at 10 am), is entitled “Italy-Yugoslavia: what in history has united and divided,” and will be coordinated by Gianni Marilotti.

A section of “Nues” is dedicated to deepening the relationship between the art of comics and cinema. From “Luciano Serra pilota” the 1938 film star played by Amedeo Nazzari Cagliari, but also comic book published in 1939 with the designs of the great Walter Molino.