The fascinating architecture of Iglesias

Once of the best places in Sardinia is Iglesias, a town located in the Carbonia-Iglesias province, in the S-W of the region.

It has a very long history, if considering the fact it has been inhabited since the Nuraghic age. Its most important episodes are related to the Middle Ages and the Roman Empire, in which the place started to grow and grow, becoming more powerful and interesting to the eyes of people.

In fact they could easily see the remains of the ancient Nuraghic age through the several places such as the so-called domus de janas of Saint Benedict, the temple in Serra Abis and the old tombs of Genna Solu and Martiadas, two important local figures.

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True of false about Italy- part 1

italySome Italian stereotypes sometimes are parodying exaggerations and Italy is described as something it is not actually.

So you should be better know the truth before going there for a vacation, hoping your ideas and images about the country are totally right.

The media, in fact, uses these stereotypes in advertising and movies, so it is no difficult to see certain characteristics as typical of some nations.

Since stereotypes sometimes are problematic, here there is a small list of the most common ideas people from other contries think about Italy. Let’s analyze them together.

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4 things you need to know before going to Sardinia

1- Prices for eating out: the money you can spend to eat out is about the same as in the UK or USA, and prices vary depending on the kind of restaurant you choose. You can easily spend from 5 to 8 euros for a pizza in local Italian restaurants, drinking sodas, wine or beer. If you prefer seafood, of course the price is more expensive, since fish is charged per kilo. But never mind, most of these places display their menus outside, so you can easily check the price before sitting down. And don’t forget to add the cover charge per person, which is between 1 and 2,50 euros, as in the rest of Italy.

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Castelsardo and the traditional Sardinian culture

Castelsardo is a city located northeast of Sassari, on the promontory on the Gulf of Asinara. According to the “Borghi più Belli d’Italia” guide, it is one of the seven Sardinian Royal Cities.

The town is dominated by the castle which was built behind the order of the Doria family of Genoa back in the 12th century. In the mid 15th century, Castelsardo fell to the Aragonese people, and the name of the fortress changed. Today the castle hosts the Museum of Basketry and Wickerwork, where visitors can see the old Mediterranean crafts.

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