S’archittu, the great arch eroded by the sea

S'archittu, the great arch eroded by the sea

Sardinia is a spectacular site, where people that go there for the first time falls in love and when they return home cannot forget this particular site.

Certainly the most impressive moment of the year is summer when you can enjoy all sunny beaches, coves and nooks.

A place of enchantment, just north of the Oristanese Gulf is S’archittu. A small village which is part of the town of Cuglieri. It is characterized by only a few parallel streets, along the beach, shops and lots of quiet.

Suitable place for a relaxing holiday in the middle of the typical vegetation of Sardinia, where walking among the bushes and thorny plants of prickly pears, the wind brings with it the scent of the mint establishment, as its inhabitants affectionately call it and licorice, where plants grow well on this land parched by the sun.

Looking around at 360 ° the tourist can find in the middle of a meadow with the sheeps and making a hundred paces, find themselves on the beach…, or better, on the headland that leads to the arch.

S’Archittu means just small arc. Masterpiece eroded over millennia by wind and salt spray. The action sander sea has created a unique spectacle in the eyes astounding, tourist can really sees the hand of nature that has acted on the territory in a much more pronounced than in other places. This area is wildest and least known.

The locals go there on holiday to enjoy a little relaxation away from the crowd. But it being so far away, makes it even more fascinating. Its creeks, the ravines and furrows created by the action continues, the perennial and sometimes majestic and imposing by force of the sea, when the storm covers everything with its crashing waves, created a surreal landscape.

At points further apart from the village, where you are completely immersed in nature around him and there are only rocks gives the impression of being a territory of the moon.