Where to eat out in Sardinia

Where to eat out in Sardinia

Food in Sardinia, especially in Cagliari is not as cheap as tourists think.

So, here there are some tips in order not to spend that much if you want to eat out and taste a really good fish based dinner.

Whenever you read on the menu “giro di antipasti” (in English “a round of starters”), if you are interested, ask the waiter what they include. In fact, you probably espect a big dish full of different starters, but it is not like that in Cagliari, where the “giro di antipasti” is very trendy and most of the people only order them to have a full dinner.

Asking for the round means that they will bring you at least 5 dishes, so watch out before ordering a “giro” and a first or second course. It is so much food, actually!

If you want to eat a tradional lovely Sardinian dinner, based on meat or pasta, go to the restaurants located in the center of the city you are in, for example Cagliari. You will be able to order a main course, house wine and coffee for only 15 euros each, which is a really good price. Sometimes you can even spend 25 euros in 2.

A place tourists always try is “Vai che ce n’è di più”, in Cagliari. Since it is very popular, there is always a long queue, and the staff studied a strategic way to manage it.

Once you get there, you ask for a table and they give you a number and a beer, inviting you to wait outside. Once the table is almost ready, they will come to ask you what you want to eat, so as soon as you sit, you will enjoy your meal. The bills is appropriate: pizza, wine, coffee and mirto for nearly 12 euros.