Welcome in Sardinia

Welcome in Sardinia

Welcome to Sardinia, in this beautiful and ancient island, where modernity and tradition coexist creating strong contrasts, from ancient traditions of the hinterland, the worldliness of the coast.

A crystal sea make this place incredibly attractive to the summer holidays here in fact every year many tourists come back to spend their summer holidays, attracted by the quality of hotels and natural beauty.

The beaches are naturally white, made of a fine sand as pumice, the largest organization of incoming tourism makes it a preferred destination for elite tourism.

Inland areas can still visit the ancient ruins of a prehistoric civilization, and the perfectly preserved remains of those structures called Nuraghe.

In recent years Sardinia has been voted the favorite destination for many foreign tourists with a predominantly Russian, English, American and all over the world, attracted by the great quality of service and the beautiful nature.

Here are organized many events, especially in the summer, and the characters of the show, called VIP, love moor their yachts in exclusive coves, protected by their security services.

In the evenings, they attend the glamorous clubs and exclusive restaurants that abound here.

Image Flickr Creative Commons License courtesy by zaser