Movie night in Cagliari

Movie night in Cagliari

Started back in January, the movie night is a event created by the Cineteca Sarda, offering you the chance to watch movies in original language with English subtitles.

A very innovative and smart idea to let everyone enjoy movies 100%, especially young people and students who can definitely improve and test their knowledge.

Starting on January 29th, the Wall Street Institute – School of English, in collaboration with Società Umanitaria – Cineteca sarda di Cagliari offers 3 appointments which are totally free. It means you don’t have to pay any tickets to see the movies: just go to the Cineteca sarda a little before 8.30 pm and enjoy the movie!

The first one shown in January was “When Harry Met Sally” by Rob Reiner (USA, 1989)-  “Harry ti presento Sally” in Italian.

The second one is going to be next week, on February 26th, and it is going to be the unforgettable  “Shakespeare in Love” by John Madden (USA, 1998). In this case, the English title wasn’t translated in the Italian version.

The last movie will be shown on March 23rd and it is going to be “Grease” by Randal Kleiser (USA, 1978), starring a young, hot and very talented John Travolta singing and dancing in this musical.

If you are in the area during these days, do not miss the chance to see the movies in English. It is definitely not an ordinary thing, since in Italy all the film are dubbed and you don’t even have the English subtitles at the cinema. Write these dates down and you will have spend a different night doing something fun and free. What else you could ask for?

For further information, such as the directions to reach the place

Cineteca Sarda

Viale Trieste, 118, 126
09100 Cagliari (CA)
Phone: (+39) 070278630- 070280364
Email: [email protected]