Carnival in Sardinia

Carnival in Sardinia

Starting from February 27th and until March 4th 2014, the region of Sardinia is transformed in order to be ready for the carnival.

All of the people wear thousands of different costumes and masks and you can easily smell a magical atmosphere all around the places.

Moreover, you can also discover some of the fascinating rituals that fill the streets, and that is the best way you can find out more about the history of the region.

Have you ever heard of the ancient rites? They are linked to local sheep-farming traditions, and you can see very spectacular celebrations are held throughout the island.

Every village, in fact, has its special usages which are so interesting for tourists: this is the case, for example, of the carnival of Barbagia, which is impressive with both anthropomorphic and zoomorphic elements.  You will able to see not only ancestral masks but also people dressed in leather, to recall animals.

A total different event is the one hold in Tempio Pausania, where you will be able to be a witness to the process of King George, represented by a puppet called Giolzi. On Shrove Tuesday it gets burned in the square as symbol of the end of the carnival time. The main character is Is Attittadorasa, who happens to be a man dressed as widow who wander through the town reciting a very strange funeral lament.

If you prefer drinking the Italian wine instead of finding out more about cultural elements, you should definitely go to Bosa, where the wine-cellars  will be opened to guests in order to let them taste some very good wine. Tourists get crazy about it and they really enjoy it, so do not miss this great chance.

So, choose what can be your carnival and have fun like a real Italian person.