Sardinian festivals

Sardinian festivals

What is a sagra? It is a rural festival celebrated open air with live music, traditional dances, local food and drinks and games.

In fact, a sagra is something typical of every region, since it can show tourists how life is over there, and it can also make the citizens proud of their origin!

Every single town has its own sagra and celebrate it, so check the calendar according to where you are. You will be able to see that each town holds a sagra every week during summer. Isn’t that great?

People cheer, eat and listen to music, streets are full of local vendors who sell handmade goods, food and wine.

For example, in April there is the Sagra del Torrone in Tonara, near Nuoro (which is located in the central part of the region). Torrone is a sweet made with honey and nuts and it is one of the best locally sweet in Sardinia.

Not to mention the Sagra of Saint Elfisio, during May: there is a huge procession with people dressed with costumes, then there is food, wine and you can buy whatever you want from the vendors.

Another very famous one is the Sagra delle Cozze (mussel), which takes place in Olbia, in the N-E part of the region. In the middle of May, you are able to see a procession all along the town, followed by sporting events, local live music, folk groups and, of course, vendors. It is a very typical one, so try not to miss it if you are in the area at that time.

There are so many sagre, so you don’t have to worry if you missed one: you can be luckier the week after that, and you can participate to another sagra, discovering so many interesting things related to the Sardinian culture while having fun.