Carnival in Sardinia

sardinian carnevalStarting from February 27th and until March 4th 2014, the region of Sardinia is transformed in order to be ready for the carnival.

All of the people wear thousands of different costumes and masks and you can easily smell a magical atmosphere all around the places.

Moreover, you can also discover some of the fascinating rituals that fill the streets, and that is the best way you can find out more about the history of the region.

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Saint’ Antonio Abate’s celebration

sardiniaThe figure of Saint Antonio Abate is very important in Sardinia, since the day of his celebration, on February 16th, marks the beginning of the traditional carnival.

A very special moment which opens the traditional parade of masks, music, games and fun. All elements we can find in every carnival in the country, but in the region what is more important is definitely the night between the 16th and the 17th of February.

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Ceramics: an exhibit for the Italian ancient art

ceramicsThe MAN Art Museum located in Sardinia, in the province of  Nuoro, is hosting a very interesting exhibition of Gavino Tilocca, one of the major Italian ceramists during the 1950’s and 60’s.

He was very famous for his great sense of both color and formal tension, as well as the shape of his works.

Most of them, in fact, looked like animals inspired by the Nuragic past and traditions of the island.

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Nostra Signora del Rimedio’s celebration

oristanoSeptember has just began and starting on the 6th, there is a very big and important celebration held in Sardinia.

The place where there will be the festival is Oristano, where citizens will celebrate Nostra Signora del Rimedio, referring to Our Lady of Remedy, which has thousands of pilgrims devoted.

Starting from the end of August, around the 30th, these people start to go to visit the sanctuary located 2 km from Oristano, in a village having the same name.

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Sport Trail event in Sardinia: save the date for May!

If you are in Sardinia at the beginning of May, do not miss the chance to see or attend the “Sport Trail” event.

It will take place from May 10th to May 12th, having the main spot in the town of Fonni, which is located in the most high point of the region.

The event consists in a marathon across nature, exploring the most beautiful places of Sardinia, while doing some sports which are good for everybody’s health.

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Movie night in Cagliari

Started back in January, the movie night is a event created by the Cineteca Sarda, offering you the chance to watch movies in original language with English subtitles.

A very innovative and smart idea to let everyone enjoy movies 100%, especially young people and students who can definitely improve and test their knowledge.

Starting on January 29th, the Wall Street Institute – School of English, in collaboration with Società Umanitaria – Cineteca sarda di Cagliari offers 3 appointments which are totally free. It means you don’t have to pay any tickets to see the movies: just go to the Cineteca sarda a little before 8.30 pm and enjoy the movie!

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